• Oval Flowmeter EX Turbine | Oval Flow Meters



    Major specifications
    Model Standard type, low viscosity type Standard type, high viscosity type
    Nominal size 15~50mm 80~400mm
    Connection JIS 10, 16, 20, 30K Flange, ASME/JPI 150, 300 Flange
    Flow range 0.63~54m3/h(standard type, 5 types) 10~4500m3/h(standard type, 8 types)
    Operating temp. range -30~+120℃(standard, for non-explosionproof type)
    Operating temp. range 4.51 MPa (depends on connection standard and operating temperature)
    Accuracy ±0.2% or ±0.5% of reading
    Power supply DC-powered
    Body material SUS304, other
    Output Analog or pulse
    Configuration Explosionproof or non-explosionproof, IP66
    Applicable fluids Petroleum, liquefied gas, water, other

    *: Flowmeters for high temperature of 350°C max. and for low temperature of -196°C min. are available.

  • Oval Flowmeter ME Meter



    Major specifications
    Model For cold water For hot water
    Nominal Diameter 40 to 300mm (10 types) 40 to 300mm (10 types)
    Connection JIS 10K Flange, ASME 150 Flange
    Flow range 0.7 to 2000m3/h (10 types) 1.8 to 1200m3/h (10 types)
    Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C 0 to 130°C
    Max. operating pressure 1MPa
    Accuracy ±2% or ±5% of reading
    Power supply Not necessary (Power supply is required for output available model)
    Body material SUS304, other
    Output Pulse
    Configuration Output available model is non-explosionproof type only
    Applicable fluids Water