Major specifications
    Applicable fluids Oil, heavy oil, other liquids (Homogeneous liquid through which an ultrasonic wave propagates)
    Nominal size 100, 150, 200, 250, 300mm
    Number of lines measured 4
    Flange standard JIS 10, 20, 30K RF / JPI 150, 300 RF / ASME 150, 300 RF
    Flow velocity measuring range −10 to +10m/s
    Accuracy ±0.5%RD (Standard), ±0.15%RD (high accuracy calibration)
    Temp. range −20 to +120°C
    Max. operating pressure Depends on flange rating (Design pressure : 8MPa at 120°C)
    Configuration Explosionproof (TIIS, ATEX), IP66
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    Major specifications
    Applicable fluids Homogeneous fluids where ultrasonic wave can propagate (clean water, waste water, industrial water, river water, ocean water, purified water, etc.)
    Turbidity: 10000mg/L (degree) max.※1
    Fluid temp. range -20 to 60°C (fluid and ambient)
    Nominal size 25mm to 600mm
    Piping materials Steel pipe, SUS pipe, polyvinyl pipe, ductile cast-iron pipe, copper pipe, or other pipe made of material that can transmit ultrasonic wave steadily※2,3
    Flow metering range 0 to ±10m/s
    Number of metering lines 1 line
    Metering system Ultrasonic pulse transmission time difference system
    Factory calibration accuracy※4,5 25mm to 40mm ±2.5% of reading (±0.025m/s at a flowrate less than 1m/s)
    50mm to 90mm ±2.0% of reading (±0.020m/s at a flowrate less than 1m/s)
    100mm to 250mm ±1.5% of reading (±0.015m/s at a flowrate less than 1m/s)
    300mm to 600mm ±1.0% of reading (±0.010m/s at a flowrate less than 1m/s)

    ※1:The fluid must not contain bubble.

    ※2:Maximum applicable bore size may not satis by the requirement depending on the material or status of piping.

    ※3:In case of lining pipes, the lining must contact with the main pipe.(Lining material is tar epoxy or mortar, or the like.)

    ※4:Specification when measures volume flow.

    ※5:The pipe must be full of liquid and the flowrate distribution must be ideal.